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How to Create Marketing Automation Experiences Through Email

How to Create Marketing Automation Experiences Through Email

Two of Laughlin Constable’s top executives in Jenny Maglio, director of marketing automation, and Benjamin Bernhard, director of digital strategy, will be speaking at MailCon in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace. Their joint session takes place Thursday, Jan. 13 starting at 9:15 a.m. Before the big day, the dynamic duo joined MailCon to drop […]


December 29, 2021

Campaigner’s Kevin Vaudry Covers Trends and the Future of Email Marketing

Vaudry joined MailCon to provide insights into email marketing and Campaigner’s role in shaping new industry trends and behaviors.

Kevin Vaudry

Director of Product Management, Campaigner

December 23, 2021

A Beginners Guide to the Email Marketing Industry

By Kristen Haines, CEO of MailCon If you’ve decided to begin or pivot your career into the email marketing industry, as I did two years ago, there’s much to learn. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that there’s nothing to be intimidated about because the email industry offers abundant growth opportunities and a wealth of resources. […]

Kristen Haines

CEO, MailCon

October 22, 2021

EyeMail CEO Lisa Jones Discusses the Future of Email Marketing

EyeMail CEO Lisa Jones will attend and speak at the MailCon 2022 email conference from January 11 to 13 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Jones joined MailCon to explain her career ascent into email and what the future of email marketing holds for the industry. Tell us a little about your background and […]

Lisa Jones

CEO, EyeMail

October 14, 2021

8 Influential Women in Email Marketing to Follow

Here at MailCon, we have the privilege of working with the most engaging and influential email marketers—and so many of them are women. We also pull so much expertise from women who work in the highest echelons of our industry, keeping a close eye on them as trendsetters and thought leaders. It stands to reason, […]


September 6, 2021
Automation vs. Bulk Email

Automation vs. Bulk? How to Reach the Pinnacle of Email Marketing Using Both

By Michael Batalha, CEO at Emercury If you’ve been successful in any area in life, you’ve probably noticed a trend. Most people tend to go to one of two extremes, and if you observe the most successful actors in the field, you’ll find that they’re really good at getting “the best of both worlds.” We […]

Michael Batalha

CEO, Emercury

September 2, 2021

5 Email Deliverability Tools You Should be Using

Authored by Adrian Williams, Founder of Email Angels As an email deliverability consultant for the past ten years, I have worked with many different clients within different industries. Although each client presents its own unique need for my services, these are the tools that I have used to effectively solve their deliverability issues. These five […]

Adrian Williams

Founder, Email Angels

May 27, 2021

5 Things Every Email Marketer Needs to Know About Data Cleaning and Hygiene

Authored by Bryan Jenkins Director of Sales at EmailOversight Having a clean, responsive email list is the goal of every email marketer. But even if you think your list is “clean,” there could be hidden issues causing your email blasts to end up in spam folders, cause ESPs and ISPs to delay delivery — or […]

Bryan Jenkins

Director of Sales, EmailOversight

May 11, 2021

Three Tips for Email Innovation: Takeaways from “The Best Idea I Ever Had” Panel at MailCon Virtual Experience 2021

Authored by Jen Capstraw President & Co-Founder, Women of Email Email marketers are among the best problem-solvers I know. Despite our various backgrounds and life experiences, there’s like-mindedness in the email community and a natural inclination to find better solutions, deliver better results, and share our knowledge with others. That’s why it was a pleasure […]

Jen Capstraw

President & Co-Founder, Women of Email

March 11, 2021

Top Rated ESPs in 2022

There are many reasons online businesses are valued now more than ever. In fact, according to a recent study by business tycoon McKinsey Digital, “75 percent of people using digital channels for the first time indicate that they’ll continue to use them when things return to normal.” Whether your business has shifted from communicating from in-person to […]


January 1, 2021

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