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Vlad Orlov
Vlad Orlov

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Published on: July 28, 2022

Last updated on: June 6, 2024

Email Verification is the process of confirming the validity of an email address. By verifying that, you can ensure the email is formatted correctly, can successfully receive emails, and will not bounce when sent. 

The process of email verification is commonly used to keep your email lists clean and safe to optimally deliver your marketing messages without fear of ruining your sending reputation.

There are many services and software available for this, but not all of them are created equal. To help you find the best one for your business model, here’s a compilation of eight top email verification systems for 2022.

1. EmailOversight

EmailOversight is an industry leader in email verification and data enhancement with over 20 years of experience in the email marketing and verification space. They offer a wide variety of email and data-related solutions. Here are some highlights: 

  • Traditional email validation: A customer can securely upload a list of email addresses into its platform to verify and clean with a real-time validation technology that is 99.7% accurate.
  • Data hygiene: checking for depthful analysis of email lists to remove any harmful email-based threats.
  • Custom APIs: these forms can be implemented into contact forms, customer websites, subscription forms, and other areas to validate potential leads as they flow in. This ensures the emails that are entered are correctly input and verified upon submitting.   

Along with email verification, EmailOversight also offers phone validation, postal validation, email activity signals, and data enrichment services.

EmailOversight Pricing

 The pricing for EmailOversight’s email validation services starts at $70 per month and adjusts in tier according to your volume needs. No long-term contracts are needed, and prepaid credit options are available with higher verification volume. 

2. Respona

The next tool on our list is Respona. Both its email finder and verifier functions are free to use, to an extent, with a limited number of searches provided. 

When creating an account with Respona, you get access to its full set of features, which go much further than email finding and verification.

Respona is an all-in-one email outreach tool specifically designed for link builders, but it can also be used for other types of email outreach, be it for marketing, sales, content promotion, or other purposes. 

The platform comes with everything you need to create and launch an email outreach campaign of any kind. Some of these include: 

  • Built-in sales prospecting with automated result scraping functionality, so you don’t have to do it manually.
  • Automated personalization with variables like {first_name}
  • Spam check options both in the subject line and body of the email
  • Email finder and verifier 
  • Ahrefs integration for pulling your competitors’ backlinks straight into an outreach campaign without having to leave the tool

Respona Pricing

Respona’s default plan starts at $99 per month with 250 email lookup credits.

3. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is one of the most popular email verification solutions available. It offers a partially free email verifier that lets users test the capabilities of the tool before making a purchase. 

Besides email verification, ZeroBounce also offers the following several complementary services: 

    • Activity data feature that allows you to target only the most engaged prospects in your list
    • Built-in email scoring will help you compare the chances of getting a reply from someone. 
    • Real-time blacklist monitoring 
  • Inbox delivery
  • Email server testing

ZeroBounce Pricing

The pricing for ZeroBounces email verification starts at $0.008 per email. 

4. NeverBounce

Mentioned among others on Leadfeeder’s email tracking software list, NeverBounce is another popular choice for email verification for outreach professionals. 

It is a comprehensive email list cleaning and verification service and offers no other email outreach or email deliverability services. 

However, what makes NeverBounce stand out is that you can sync it up with your email account, and it will automatically and regularly verify your entire email list in background mode.

This will save you a lot of time and protect you from email decay, as business emails tend to decay quickly. 

NeverBounce Pricing

NeverBounce’s email validation services start at $0.008 per email.

5. EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify positions itself as the most affordable email verification option out there, offering a verification cost of only $0.0040 per email when you purchase under 1,000 emails.

They also offer massive discounts on larger purchases.

EmailListVerify offers an API that users can copy and paste into their landing pages to make sure visitors only enter valid email addresses into contact forms. 

The tool integrates directly with many popular email softwares, including MailChimp, Aweber, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, and others. EmailListVerify also provides a set of free tools to help users improve overall email deliverability:

  • Email health checker
  • Blacklist checker
  • Email extractor
  • MX lookup

EmailListVerify Pricing

EmailListVerify provides you discounts with larger orders, but the smallest amount of verifications you can purchase is 1,000 for $4 at $0.0040 per email.

6. Hunter

Hunter is an email finder and verification tool, used by over 3,000,000 professionals and their teams. Some of Hunter’s features and services include: 

  • Cold email outreach campaigns
  • An API for developers
  • A browser extension that simplifies email searches
  • A Google Sheets add-on that lets you verify and remove unwanted emails without ever having to leave your spreadsheet

Hunter Pricing

Hunter’s starter plan is priced at $49 each month and includes 500 monthly searches and 1000 verifications. 


Email finding and verification is actually a tiny part of the tool’s functionality. comes with a fully-fledged sales CRM and email drip campaign functionality. also features a very unique tool called Technology Checker, which uncovers the technology stack behind your prospects. The collected data will comes in handy if you have a SaaS application in need of a promotion also comes with an email tracker, LinkedIn prospect finder, countless customizable integrations, and an API for those seeking to implement its functionality into their own tool. Pricing’s basic plan is priced at only $33 per month with 1,000 credits.

8. Voila Norbert

The final tool on our list is Voila Norbert, which offers two main functions: email verification and data enrichment.

So, suppose you only have a person’s email address but would like to find out more about them. In that case, Voila Norbert can discover details like their company, job title, social media, and even location.

This information can be used to better segment your email lists and run more personalized email outreach campaigns. Like Hunter, Voila Norbert also has a Google Sheets add-on and an API for developers.

Voila Norbert Pricing

Voila Norbert’s email verification services will cost you $0.003 per email up to 500k and $0.001 per email once you go over that number.

Over to You

While many other excellent email verification tools didn’t make it on this list, the above eight are tested and reliable, waiting to elevate your email validation to the next level. 

Stay tuned and connected with MailCon for more insightful content on industry trends, tech innovations, and more. 

About the author

Vlad Orlov
Vlad Orlov

Brand Partnerships at Respona

Managing brand partnerships at Respona, Vlad Orlov is a passionate writer and link builder. Having started writing articles at 13, their once past-time hobby developed into a central piece of their professional life.


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