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There may be companies contacting MailCon attendees (both past and currently registered), claiming to represent MailCon and offering various services related to attending or exhibiting at MailCon. These companies are simply spamming and cold-calling attendees to solicit business.

Therefore, prior to doing any business with an organization or business that claims a affiliation or relationship with MailCon, we recommend that you do your research about that particular organization. We suggest that you do not sign anything unless you have carefully read and understood what you have agreed to with the organization. It may be your best interest to memorialize the business activity and fully read and understand any contract or business document prior to signing such document.

Should you have any questions about an organization’s affiliation with MailCon, please do not hesitate to contact MailCon at [email protected]

*The communication above is for informational purposes only. MailCon is not acting as an attorney or providing legal advice.