Email Marketing

Amy Doyle Ellwood Talks Data-Driven Email Marketing

Amy Doyle Ellwood and Kevin Vaudry from Campaigner joined the MailCon Webinar Series to talk about all things around data-driven email.


September 22, 2022

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Responsive Email Templates

Responsive email templates are a must for companies wanting to automate, scale, and customize while keeping it rational. Here are the three benefits of responsive email templates.


September 15, 2022

The Post-Purchase Flow: Your Untapped Gold Mine

Explore the benefits of launching a full-cycle post-purchase email flow for re-targeting and re-engaging your clients.

Melanie Balke

CEO & Founder, The Email Marketers

September 1, 2022

Matt Harris Talks Interactive Emails, Google AMP Technology

All the ways you can leverage personalized interactive emails to increase conversions with Google AMP technology.


August 25, 2022

An Email Marketer’s Playbook: 7 Tools for Successful Campaigns

Successful email campaigns require automation, scaling, and customization. Learn the best free and paid email tools to deliver your messages to the right people at the right time.


August 18, 2022

Daniel Shnaider Uncovers His Best Strategies for Cold Emailing

What are cold emails and how can you become a cold email expert? Learn more in this Q&A and webinar recap.


August 11, 2022

Our Top 3 Email Campaigns for Summer 2022

We all love summer. The season is all about soaking up the sun and making incredible memories with those we love. But it’s also the perfect time for businesses to serve hot deals to consumers while also making a play at obtaining record-high conversions and revenue.  And there’s no better way to market to consumer […]

Marian Sahakyan

Content Manager

August 4, 2022

Top 8 Tools For Email Verification in 2022

Email Verification is the process of confirming the validity of an email address. By verifying that, you can ensure the email is formatted correctly, can successfully receive emails, and will not bounce when sent.  The process of email verification is commonly used to keep your email lists clean and safe to optimally deliver your marketing […]

Vlad Orlov

Brand Partnerships at Respona

July 28, 2022

Aimee Bennett’s 3-Step Guide on Driving Business Impact With Email

Aimee Bennett is the Email Marketing Manager of eCommerce and Automation at Ferguson Enterprises. With over ten years of experience in sales and customer service leadership and 2.5 years in email marketing leadership, Bennett is an expert in hiring, coaching, and developing teams that run effective email marketing campaigns.  She is known for doing a […]


July 21, 2022

Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve In-Email Quiz Performance

Congratulations! You have made it to the final stretch of my three-part series on how in-email quizzes supply a more engaged lead generation and conversion effort. In part 1 and part 2, we discussed the process of creating quizzes that bring great conversion results and high engagement and share rates. Part 3 is all about […]

Kabrina Budwell

Founder, Kabrina Budwell Consulting

July 14, 2022

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