Digital Marketing

Top 8 Tools For Email Verification

Email Verification is the process of confirming the validity of an email address. By verifying that, you can ensure the email is formatted correctly, can successfully receive emails, and will not bounce when sent.  The process of email verification is commonly used to keep your email lists clean and safe to optimally deliver your marketing […]

Vlad Orlov

Brand Partnerships at Respona

July 28, 2022

Aimee Bennett’s 3-Step Guide on Driving Business Impact With Email

Aimee Bennett is the Marketing Automation Team Manager at Ferguson Enterprises. With over ten years of experience in sales and customer service leadership and 2.5 years in email marketing leadership, Bennett is an expert in hiring, coaching, and developing teams that run effective email marketing campaigns. She is known for doing a lot with little […]


July 21, 2022
Email Marketing

To Engage or Not To Engage? 3 Truths About Inactive Email Subscribers in eCommerce

Get an inside scoop into how your eCommerce business can re-engage inactive email subscribers to maximize marketing ROI.

Marian Sahakyan

Content Manager

July 7, 2022
What’s With the Emojis in My Inbox

What’s With the Emojis in My Inbox? ?

Discover why businesses use in-email emojis to boost brand awareness, increase visibility, and maximize open rates.

Marian Sahakyan

Content Manager

June 30, 2022
BEE’s Annette Palmieri Provides Insight on Growth Marketing Strategies

BEE’s Annette Palmieri Provides Insight on Growth Marketing Strategies

Annette Palmieri explains how BEE’s mission for product-led growth is ingrained in the company’s efforts to provide an experience that drives clients to use BEE.

Annette Palmieri

Marketing Programs Manager, BEE Content Design

June 9, 2022
Mailcon Event

3 Ways Personalization Drives Omnichannel Marketing, Initiates Customer Journey Orchestration

Marketers are the keepers of a brand’s identity. They are the communicators of the product and service relevant to consumers, and they’re the generators of leads and prospects. On the flip side, salespeople are relationship builders, problem solvers, and those who generate revenue for their respective companies. While the two have much in common, the […]

Marian Sahakyan

Content Manager

February 3, 2022
3 Digital Ad Strategies to Effectively Engage Baby Boomers

3 Digital Ad Strategies to Effectively Engage Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation experienced tremendous change during the pandemic, spending more time online for media consumption, online shopping, and staying connected. While once known as digital amateurs and social media dabblers, this generation of consumers approximately in the 55-to-75 age range has embraced the online world and become an important audience group to target […]

Rob Camhe

Sr. VP of Strategic Partnerships, Digital Media Solutions

January 5, 2022

5 Things Every Email Marketer Needs to Know About Data Cleaning and Hygiene

Authored by Bryan Jenkins Director of Sales at EmailOversight Having a clean, responsive email list is the goal of every email marketer. But even if you think your list is “clean,” there could be hidden issues causing your email blasts to end up in spam folders, cause ESPs and ISPs to delay delivery — or […]

Bryan Jenkins

Director of Sales, EmailOversight

May 11, 2021

How the Pandemic is Changing Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on nearly all industries. Some have faced sudden and obvious consequences, like the near-total shutdown of tourism, nightlife, and live sports. But the pandemic’s effect on digital marketing has been much more complex. While the long-term impact is difficult to forecast, there are trends emerging in real-time […]


May 22, 2020

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