How to Engage Clients, Widen Brand Reach & Make an Impact in B2B Marketing

Marian Sahakyan
Marian Sahakyan

Content Manager

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February 24, 2022

Replyify co-founder and CEO Ryan O’Donnell recently took the MailCon stage to share his top B2B sales and marketing growth tactics that shape email.

During his insightful presentation, O’Donnell covered five ways marketers can leverage alternative email addresses to increase sales and reduce churn rates in their campaigns. His tactics revolved around sales, marketing, account management, and growth activities.

A common theme throughout O’Donnell’s session was that not all marketing tactics have to scale to be successful. He says that every new experiment just has to be simple enough to execute, including email automation technology as needed.

The following are O’Donnell’s top tactics that deliver tangible results and a greater pool of email contacts and prospects.

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Creating Perfect Personas

Every marketer needs to have a visual representation of who they are targeting and catering their business to. Frequently, all of this is encapsulated in a perfect persona report that highlights and defines the prospect segments, which then helps identify the outreach methods of these campaigns.

A compelling marketing persona needs to include the following information:

  • A profile that highlights general information about the persona, including the age, industry, job title, company size, location, and a short description of the said segment
  • Goals and objectives
  • Acquisition channels highlighting outreach methods
  • Pain or friction points expressed for this segment
  • A path to purchase, going over the general steps the target persona will take en route to conversion

Every business has dozens of different prospective persona segments, but a few general ones will help shape the overall strategy, after which companies can begin to get granular and create micro-segments and campaigns.

O’Donnell suggests that when creating personas, a good practice is to go on LinkedIn and analyze the profiles of current customers to find out specific demographics and details about them.

Follow this analysis by segmenting the initial list and tailor specific campaigns to target each micro-segment.

Finding Prospects Through Job Posts

If all else fails, you can find prospects through keyword-rich job postings. If you’re having difficulty reaching the right people, think about the problems you or your company solves, search for those terms in the job hub, and email the poster about it.

This is a proven cold email tactic that is more effective than many think. The psychology behind this is that this individual is hiring someone who will use your product or service to achieve the company’s goals. A great way to engage this topic is to tell the prospect you saw they were hiring, ask them what product they’re using, and introduce your solution to them.

No response? No problem. Always follow up with them three to seven times before calling it quits on this prospect.

Ryan O’Donnell at Mailcon

Re-Engaging Through Alternative Emails

Alternative emails are always a good idea, as they increase visibility close to an omnichannel output.

To ensure that your campaigns stay relevant to your audience and provide a new view of your offerings, you should always have an alternative email address on a new domain. With three of the most common options being .io, .co, and .net, you can use new domains to re-engage your email list while warming up the email and domain and increasing volume and engagement.

When creating a new domain, get creative in your outreach through:

  • Landing pages for ad clicks
  • Lead magnets
  • Email-based course

Conducting all of these steps is simple, yet it allows clients to gain a fresh perspective of your brand’s existence.

More Than Sales: Making a Course

Want to go the extra mile to engage your target audience? Create an email-based course that targets or teaches the prospect about something they’re interested in.

Reach Wider Audiences Through Podcasts

Becoming a guest on a podcast is a great method to instantly gain exposure to wider audiences, establish thought leadership and credibility on a given topic, and create evergreen audio, visual, and text content that will live on a third-party website.

This also has excellent benefits for backlinks and SEO credibility. O’Donnell suggests, you should never solely rely on being invited to be a guest on a podcast, but you should do the outreach to be featured instead.

To be successful in podcast guesting, you need to first think about what you offer to the audience and the podcast host. Draw out some fresh, engaging, and relevant content that will trigger the interest of even the least engaged and interacted subscriber.

Start the process by researching the podcast directory and identify channels and shows that you can add value to. Take notes, then start your cold outreach.

The anatomy of your podcast cold email should look a little like this:

  • A subject line that is straight to the point
  • A personalized and engaging introduction
  • Share examples of previous examples of thought leadership opportunities
  • A well-developed CTA
  • Schedule follow-ups as necessary

Bonus: Automating Conference Emails

Marketers often fail to launch successful pre-and-post-conference engagement campaigns due to their inability to understand the psychology behind this type of outreach.

The marketing team may send email blasts that often end up in the promotion or spam folder, but if the sales team conducts these outreach efforts with personalized email messaging, the chances of hearing back from prospects are much higher.

Having both departments work together to tackle pre-and-post-conference campaigns will make all the difference it takes to get the commitment of new clients.

As O’Donnell says, using some or all of these B2B marketing tactics will help companies increase visibility and engagement across the board while helping them create a lasting impression and impact on their target audiences.

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About the author

Marian Sahakyan
Marian Sahakyan

Content Manager

Marian Sahakyan is a Content Manager at MailCon. She’s a journalism graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a background in marketing, technology, as well as writing for Business-to-Business audiences.


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