Building an Email List: How to Grow Your Subscriber Base

Published on: October 12, 2023

Last updated on: June 4, 2024

How To Create a Mailing List That Wins Customers in 2023 and Beyond

With social media platforms being all the buzz for over a decade, it might come as a surprise that businesses still invest in good old email marketing as their major sales weapon. However, having a powerful email list still pays off: 37% of customers are likely or very likely to factor in an email newsletter in their purchase decisions.

Source: Statista

In this guide, we will explain what an email list is and elaborate on the best builders that help create an effective email list for businesses.

What Makes an Email List Oustanding?

An email list unites potential customers interested in receiving your updates: sales, offers, new releases, etc. And if you possess some advanced marketing software – which expert marketers always do – you can draw even more information from your email list, including customer location, preferences, budget, motivations, and more.

Below are the four steps to make your email list shine.

1. Include Real People Only

Remember, you can only sell to real people. Thousands of uninterested users or fake addresses will clog your email list and drain you of the resources you need for quality outreach. The best strategy is to include people who explicitly shared their email addresses.

Buying email lists in an attempt to engage unmotivated subscribers may not work because they may turn out indifferent and even mark your emails as spam, damaging your email sender reputation.

That said, here are your best strategies for cold emailing.

2. Keep It Relevant

Attracting random people won’t do the job, even if they all consented to the newsletter, as these subscribers won’t last long, let alone convert. Instead, you need purchase-prone subscribers who are interested in your product and services to a certain extent.

Segmentation is the key to a relevant email list. Tap into your subscriber demographic and behavioral data to understand what emails resonate with them. To kick things off, create your ideal target customer and create a killing email that is bound to succeed.

3. Keep It Accurate and Regularly Updated

As people subscribe and unsubscribe from your newsletter, your email contact list loses its marketing power. While you may not always prevent people from opting out of your email list, you can maintain it clean and healthy at all times, retaining only marketable contacts.

Try these killer email opt-in marketing strategies to generate and convert more email leads.

4. Develop a Simple Unsubscription Process

Last but not least, you must allow people to smoothly unsubscribe unless you want to irritate them and damage your reputation. Put the “unsubscribe” button at the email’s end or the top right corner for the most ethical practice.

What Is The Top Benefit of Building an Email List?

Building an email list may be exceptionally cost-effective, with revenue from email leads covering the marketing costs dozens of times over. An email list builder can save up to 30% of the campaign costs while providing the gate to a bigger audience.

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