Top Takeaways of MailCon Las Vegas 2019

Published on: April 15, 2019

Last updated on: April 1, 2022

Earlier this year, hundreds of email marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders assembled at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for MailCon, the industry’s premier email marketing conference.

Interested attendees browsed dozens of exhibitors who showcased the newest of their products and services. They were also able to see some of the latest advances made in email marketing software and other high-tech tools. Many also pulled useful knowledge from the sessions and workshops that covered strategies, trends, and expert insight into the most pressing issues faced by today’s email professionals.

Here are some of the top takeaways from this January’s MailCon email marketing conference:

1. Pay Close Attention to Audiences and Deliverability

There was a lot to be said about the importance of deliverability as Mailgun deliverability engineer Nick Shafer and Scott Shou of What If Media discussed deliverability challenges in two separate useful sessions. Certainly critical, because what good is all your hard work if people aren’t receiving your emails?

Meanwhile, Krzysztof Jarecki of ExpertSender explained how marketers could target anonymous website visitors. Doing so, Jarecki said, can help recover more sales and enrich emails with real-time recommendations.

2. Keep a Close Eye on the Future

While it is important for email pros to know their way around plenty of technical details, a couple of presenters wanted to make sure attendees were keeping watch on what challenges might lie on the road ahead. John Cody of Phonexa and attorney Sarah de Diego each laid out the effects that coming laws and compliance changes could have on various industries and email marketing practices. The California Consumer Privacy Act was a hot topic for both presenters.

Peter Wilson, CEO of LashBack, gave those who attended his talk clever tips for creating long-term value in an email marketing strategy. In all sessions, speakers emphasized the importance of creating a sustainable plan for growth and knowing what to expect in the months or years ahead. 

3. Optimize Your Work Flow and Data Analysis

Finally, a whole host of speakers shared their wisdom when it came to analyzing data and creating a smoother workflow. Artem Kukharenko, CEO of iAge Technologies, conducted a deep dive into AI in email communications. Kimberlee White of W4 showed how affiliates could more effectively use data targeting. There was little doubt in both talks that how a business analyzes and uses its data carries tremendous weight.

A wide-ranging panel discussion with Bryan Jenkins (Email Oversight), Michael Batalha (eMercury), and Brad Hogg (Relevance Reactor) centered on email marketing workflow and dabbled in a number of other relevant topics. The interactive Q&A format gave the audience a chance to have their specific concerns addressed and fostered a few thoughtful back-and-forth exchanges.

Across the board, attendees were treated to a variety of expert opinions and real-world wisdom on email marketing practices and strategies. While much was covered, it was clear there was so much more that could be said, creating an air of anticipation for the next MailCon happening on August 10th at the Intercontinental Times Square in New York City. It is sure to be filled with even more thoughtful talks, engaging workshops, and the most recent industry updates.

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