The MailCon Entrepreneurial Guide to New York

Published on: June 6, 2019

Last updated on: March 4, 2024

MailCon is an event for business professionals and entrepreneurs of all stripes. Our panelsspeaker sessions, and exhibitor hall are all tremendous opportunities to learn valuable practices and find partners to do business with. No matter the specific needs or goals of an attendee at MailCon, it’s certain they are driven by the same entrepreneurial drive to find new solutions and grow their business.

So how can an entrepreneur make the most of their time in New York (in addition, of course, to going to MailCon)? The city has long been known as a hub of media and finance, but the past decade has also brought about a wave of companies focused on technology and digital marketing. There is a lot to take advantage of in the “concrete jungle” of dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to New York dozens of times or it’s your first visit—there is plenty you can accomplish when you’re in town if you have a plan.

An Entrepreneur’s Essential Guide to New York

Business in New York

As mentioned, New York is home to some of the biggest companies in the world in media and finance, but there’s plenty of growth and opportunity for smaller, entrepreneurial companies too. A snapshot look at New York’s venture capital scene shows thousands of tech businesses taking root and achieving growth.

New York’s startup map shows that Midtown, the Flatiron District, and Lower Manhattan are the hubs where most entrepreneurial businesses are anchored. You can make your own essential list of businesses to connect with while in town and have plans to be near these hotspots to take in multiple meetings in a row.

If you have to get some work done or host a meeting during your trip, some of the most comprehensive and impressive co-working spaces available are located in New York. Use this coworking office guide to highlight anywhere you may want to rent for a few hours or have a meeting space.

Best Restaurants for Meetings in New York

In New York, there is no shortage of excellent restaurants to meet clients or partners, ranging from exclusive fine dining establishments to fun and familiar local joints. For those attending MailCon, one favorite meeting spot just steps from the Intercontinental is the classic cocktail spot Valerie, with a wide marble bar or cozy booths that are perfect for business drinks. 

For those planning to spend some time in SoHo, the always buzzy Balthazar has played host to lunch and dinner meetings for years. The bright yet warm French brasserie is an ideal place to meet clients or partners over fresh seafood or hearty entrees.

Anyone looking to impress a client with their sophistication and creativity might want to set up drinks or a meal at The Modern—a chic restaurant and bar lounge located at the Museum of Modern Art. The impeccable design and innovative dishes can help put a sharp face on your business—especially if you don’t have your own office space yet.

If you want to grab something more casual and fun than a sit-down meal, try heading to Greenwich Village for some pizza—Bleecker Street Pizza is a petite New York by-the-slice institution, while Artuto’s is a similarly famous pizza tavern that also features live jazz.

Brushing Up On New York Culture

Any entrepreneur in New York would be well-advised to make time to immerse themselves in the city’s culture—if only briefly—to further their insight to the city and possibly even find inspiration for their next big idea.

Before you fly in for MailCon, visit the seminal New Yorker blog and Instagram feed Humans of New York, which very succinctly puts a spotlight on countless people who have walked the city’s streets. It can give you a vision of the unique culture of the city.

Since MailCon is happening in the warm—or sometimes sweltering—days of summer, you can always enhance your New York stay (or have a dynamic business meeting) by planning a walk through the city. Curbed presents a great look at some of the best walks the five boroughs have to offer, or you can always play it safe and make your way to New York’s famed High Line—though be aware that you could face crushing crowds on weekend days.

However you schedule out your entrepreneur trip to New York, one good reminder is to keep your visit equal parts preparation and inspiration. It’s smart to set a few meetings—you can download the MailCon app for your iPhone or Android for that—but you should also be ready to see where opportunity in the Big Apple takes you. There’s a world of possibility in New York, and knowing the basics of doing business, getting food, and taking in the city is an entrepreneur’s best bet for getting the most out of their NYC experience.

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