The Benefits of the MailCon Mobile App

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The Benefits of the MailCon Mobile App


As attendees descend on New York City for MailCon 2019 on August 10th, they are going to have a wealth of events and valuable sessions on their minds. With so much available on the agenda, it’s almost difficult to believe we’re fitting it all in on one day!

But busy attendees need not worry about being overwhelmed at MailCon thanks to the release of the MailCon mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices). Productivity-minded visitors to MailCon will be thrilled with the functionality of the mobile app because it allows them to get a jump on all that MailCon has to offer. It’s the best way to get the most out of MailCon because it gives you the opportunity to “attend” MailCon in a virtual way weeks before everyone descends upon the Intercontinental Times Square in August.

1. Plan like a Pro

If you like to prepare to get the most out a conference, you will thoroughly enjoy the planning features on the MailCon app. Not only can you get a detailed look at the entire agenda right on your mobile device, but you can also set your own personalized schedule.

So rather than scrambling at the last minute the day of the conference, you can set aside some time now to scroll through the schedule, read up on speaker bios, decide what your priorities are, and determine exactly how you’d like to spend your day at MailCon. Of course, the app makes it easy to make changes on the fly, but going in you’ll already have a firm grasp of what you’d like to achieve that day.

2. Know Who’s Who

One of the most important aspects for attendees at a conference is always the ability to network—and MailCon is no exception. But the drive to network can cause some stress once you’re actually at the conference, forcing you to decide between making in-person connections and attending insightful speaking sessions.

Luckily, the MailCon app gives you the opportunity to start networking weeks before the conference even begins. You can view other attendees and start saying your “Hello’s” long before you get to New York with a unique in-app messaging system that is exclusive to MailCon attendees. That way, you will be able to schedule those crucial face-to-face meetings while still being able to make that useful speaking session on Segmentation Strategies.

Plus, you can use the app at the conference as well. Didn’t quite catch the name of the person you just chatted with? Or maybe you got their name—but what company did they work for? The MailCon app can provide you with the answers so you can be ready when you bump into them at the networking happy hour. 

3. Stay in the Loop

In the midst of a busy conference, there are few things more important than being kept in the know and staying up with your schedule. That’s why the MailCon app lets you create customized notifications so you can be sure you’re staying in the loop on what matters most to you.

4. Broadcast Your Experiences

One of the best parts about attending a conference is sharing your experiences on social media so that you can stay in touch with new connections and let your network know what you’re up to.

You can use the MailCon app to broadcast parts of your MailCon experience on social media. Plus, the app lets you provide real-time feedback to MailCon organizers about panels, sessions, and other events. This feedback helps create a better all-around MailCon for future conferences.

Clearly, the number one way to enhance your trip to MailCon is to get the MailCon Mobile App to plan, connect, keep up, and share. And there’s no better time to download the app than now so you can get the most out of it!

Download the MailCon Mobile App for Apple and Android today.

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Start connecting with other attendees before the event, personalize your profile, customize your agenda, and more with the MailCon Mobile App.