MailCon’s Evolution Provides Peek Into Company’s Future

Published on: December 3, 2021

Last updated on: June 5, 2024

In this Q&A, we uncover a scope of questions about MailCon’s evolution, the marketing events industry, as well as what attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and preferred partners should expect ahead of MailCon 2022, which is set to take place from Jan. 11 to 13 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

What proactive strategies and measures does MailCon plan to implement for a smooth first standalone show in 2022? 

MailCon is implementing multiple strategies that will make the conference in January the best one yet. With that in mind, we have designed and executed a complete white-glove strategy and experience that will address the marketing and networking needs of every single person that enters our event.

We have launched campaigns to carefully search, connect with, and invite qualified and skilled professionals to speak at our event. With qualified outreach and a business-nurturing environment, we will help our partners expand their industry knowledge and establish profitable relationships with their target audiences.

How will the 2022 event differ from previous MailCon conferences? What are some things attendees should expect?

MailCon is making significant changes in practice ahead of our first standalone conference in January. We have doubled the floor plan in our exhibit hall, where we will offer separated tracks based on content and niche type. This will provide our attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors the room and opportunity to mingle with industry leaders and learn about new updates and grasp fresh business development opportunities.

MailCon 2022 will also feature an entire second day of content, along with two exhibition days. We have added more branding and sponsorships and more exposure while marketing to qualified attendees. With a fully hands-on experience, our attendees are set to leave our event feeling inspired, positive, and ready to grow their partnerships and business.

How can a MailCon first-timer maximize their experience at the 2022 conference? 

Due to the vastness of the event, there’s a lot a MailCon first-timer can learn and do to maximize their experience. Here are some essential first steps:

  • Download the MailCon app ahead of time and plan out the meetings and sessions you plan to attend.
  • Decide who you’d like to meet at the conference and connect with them on LinkedIn to get to know each other better before an initial introduction.
  • Attend as many workshops, fireside chats, panels, and solo content while setting some time to enter the Exhibit Hall.
  • Consider exhibiting at a table-top booth, where you will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and showcase your company and product. (Lean more about Sponsors & Exhibitors here)
  • Plan to spend a lot of time at the restaurant, bar, and lounge venues at the Caesars Palace. You’d be amazed at how your contact list can grow if you spend your free time at the hotel that’s hosting a conference.
  • Be open to opportunities and network as much as possible.

In future conferences, we will have mentorship programs where we will pair first-time attendees with MailCon veterans. We will also introduce a meeting forum where everyone can go and set up meetings with other attendees ahead of the conference.

How should other attendees prepare for the upcoming event?

The action plan is very similar for everyone: plan, network, and follow up with your connections. Events are what you make of them, so be positive and have a driven attitude; it’s incredible what you can learn at a conference and take back with you.

You should also set goals for yourself and your team while at MailCon because we will be hosting one of the most spectacular and informational events the email marketing field has seen yet.

What are some growth opportunities and perks MailCon 2022 will offer to attendees and exhibitors? 

Accessibility has always been one of our top priorities at MailCon, which is why we’ve tailored our conference model to be affordable to exhibit, sponsor, and attend. At the same time, we still present our preferred partners with a quality event and endless growth opportunities.

We’ve added a second day to our conference, doubled on content and exhibit hall, and designed fully-approachable options for attendance and exhibition that will also help us grow our preferred partners’ list.

What are some common challenges seen in the marketing events space throughout the years? In what ways can the industry learn to evolve?

Technology is constantly changing in this space, and it feels like staying in the now is a job of its own. The pandemic was also a game-changer for those working in the events industry, as it forced everyone to come up with new and innovative alternatives to remain connected during those divisive times.

In a way, the industry is still trying to get back to a semi-normal event routine while we also do our best to keep everyone safe and protected. This pandemic-induced reality is the new norm for everyone in the B2B event space, but everyone has done a great job at huddling together to develop safe ways to do in-person business.

Are any of these challenges still present today? How do they affect conferences and events in the digital age? 

The work-from-home model didn’t gain much traction until the pandemic forced everyone to go remote. As expected, a lot of companies are still navigating through this process. But unlike other industries, ours was hugely successful during the pandemic due to loyalty because most of our conversations with our global networks mostly happen online. In such a short time, everyone in the events industry has learned to host entirely virtual conferences, which is nothing short of remarkable.

But despite pandemic-related challenges, the goal has remained to produce high-quality outcomes for all aspects of the events we put out, regardless of how we host them. People are more inclined and excited to travel and attend in-person events now more than ever. It’s almost like the pandemic gave everyone a refresher, and now people are coming back very excited.

MailCon 2022 is scheduled from Jan. 11 to 13 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Follow this link to learn more about the event or to register for the event. 

Want to take your experience even further? Don’t miss out on the exclusive opportunity to exhibit at one of MailCon’s tabletop booths and other exhibit spaces.

Stay tuned and connected with MailCon for event announcements, insightful content on industry trends, tech innovations, and more. 

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