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How to Make the Most of MailCon Virtual Experience 2021

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Whether it be a Zoom happy hour with colleagues or a family meal over Facetime, by now, many of us have either experienced something virtually that otherwise would’ve been an in-person event. However, when it comes to attending a virtual conference, that might feel a bit more like unfamiliar territory.

With MailCon Virtual Experience 2021 fast approaching, we thought it would be best to take a closer look at what attendees can expect and ultimately provide ways to make the virtual conference as engaging and beneficial as possible.

Pros of Experiencing a Virtual Conference

While the absence of an in-person event can often seem like a setback to some digital marketers, we were up for the challenge and created an interactive and content-filled agenda. With virtual 1-to-1 networking, over 45 expert speakers, engaging activities, and our conference community, attendees and sponsors will have ample opportunities to connect and engage.

From Email Marketing Trivia to MailCon’s edition of the game “Logos,” the opportunities for fun are endless. Since Las Vegas’s backdrop is only in the form of a green screen at this year’s virtual experience, our sponsors went above and beyond to ensure the gift-giving felt as real as the attendee bags at past conferences. In addition to the variety of sponsor-offers to choose from, MailCon is giving away $5,000 in prizes to the winners of games and trivia.

Attendees can join the Virtual Wine Tasting with wine shipped directly to their door. Like a networking Happy Hour, the virtual Wine Tasting is a fun way to connect and learn something new.

A Few Tips

With these tips, a little flexibility, and a whole lot of fun, this year’s MailCon experience is a recipe for success, and we can’t wait to see you there – virtually!

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