How MailCon Partners Have Helped During the COVID-19 Crisis

Kristen Haines
Kristen Haines

CEO, MailCon

About the author

Published on: June 18, 2020

Last updated on: April 1, 2022

MailCon as a whole is equal to the sum of its parts. So far, bringing together thousands of attendees under a common goal has created great community, networking opportunities, and grand ideas.

However, when a crisis hits and gatherings are no longer permitted for a while, there is a fear that the collective motivation may be lost. But not for MailCon attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors — our network of email geeks, marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startup founders have come together, this time at a distance, to help make a difference during these unprecedented times.

Six Partners Doing Their Part

#1 Emailgistics: To help businesses affected by COVID-19, Emailgistics is offering its software at no cost through June. Whether it be helping a remote team navigate their internal communication with ease, or another business maintain a consistent exchange with their customers, Emailgistics provides a sense of familiarity by continuing to operate within Office365 and Outlook environments.

“We have focused on where we can fit in based on immediate needs and are offering any assistance we can to help businesses minimize disruption (ex: of making the switch to work from home.) For us, it is paramount that our customers see us as a partner and not merely a supplier, that creates longer lifetime value for both of us!”

#2 Ongage: During these often somber and unknown circumstances, Ongage is helping to improve mental clarity by providing weekly perks for clients, subscribers, and other stakeholders. Including everything from new features to bundles and expert advice, these weekly send-outs are sure to help navigate the months ahead.

#3 Zoho: For small businesses, COVID-19 prompted many different emergency-response practices to go into play. For Zoho, they couldn’t have been more prepared. Shortly after the crisis hit, they introduced the Emergency Subscription Program (ESAP). ESAP gives their small business customers access to Zoho software they currently use, free for three months. All Zoho customers with 25 employees or fewer who have been severely impacted by the coronavirus-related downturn are eligible. In addition to ESAP, free applications, waivers, and helpful content in the form of blogs, webinars, and videos are available via Zoho as well.

#4 Phonexa: In an effort to support local restaurants and community, Phonexa partnered with their favorite Italian restaurant, Two Guys From Italy, and had lunch catered to the critical care staff at Glendale Adventist Hospital. Upon the delivery of the hot meals, a ‘Thank You’ card filled with personal encouragements and messages from Phonexa team members was also delivered

#5 eMercury: As the crisis continues, eMercury really embraced the fact that we’re all in this together and put together a long-term plan for their small business customers. Coupled with their unwavering customer service, small businesses can benefit from six months of free software.

#6 ScholarshipOwl: While many small businesses were affected by this crisis, large institutions were too – especially universities. Students have been studying from home and many of them have still not returned to work, or have lost their jobs that often help cover the financial burden of tuition. MailCon partner ScholarshipOwl has taken it upon themselves to help relieve some of that pressure through their Future Minds Fund. The fund is made up of three specific scholarships to help students with everything from a more comfortable home study set up to aid students who are now unemployed.

“We aim to award 1,000 scholarships through our platform and the recommended contribution is between $1,000 to $15,000 to go towards these awards! Our future researchers, scientists, politicians, and doctors are made from today’s students. And we need to do anything we can to keep them on track to complete their degrees. Help invest in students that will advance humanity! If you want to join us in our mission and learn go to

About the author

Kristen Haines
Kristen Haines

CEO, MailCon

Kristen Haines is the Chief Executive Officer at MailCon, where she oversees its strategy and operations. She is well-known for her passionate and savvy marketing and sales approach in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketplaces. When Kristen is not planning MailCon’s next big event, you can find her in the gym or reading books on business and technology.


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