Email Marketing Advice for Financial Service Companies

Published on: November 19, 2019

Last updated on: December 24, 2021

Best Email Advice for Financial Services

When you work in financial services, you’re not wrong to think that your industry is a world apart from other lines of business. While most people are working to earn money, your whole line of work is money. And that means a different set of standards applies to everything you do—including email marketing.

Why is email marketing different in financial services? Because when it comes to people’s finances, there is a unique set of expectations that are inherent in the finance and FinTech industry. If you work in financial services by providing people with access to home loans, auto loans, or payday loans, then you are handling people’s personal information and need to communicate sensitivity to that.

As a result, trust becomes very important when doing any kind of marketing in financial services. Prospects need to know you are a trustworthy entity. They also need to know that your business is in a position to help them: that you are going to provide them with the financial services they need. Your message should find a unique balance between appealing to the bottom line but also giving people peace of mind. 

Here are a few ways to make your appeal through email marketing. 

Best Email Marketing Advice for Financial Services

Segment Your Email List

Segmentation is one of the most useful tools an email marketer has access to; when it comes to financial services it can be especially useful. By segmenting your emails, you can create more targeted campaigns. That means sending different emails to groups segmented by geographic location, income, or what financial service they last used you for. Segmenting leads to more focused email messages and can have a significant impact on your ability to connect and build trust with your subscribers.  

Audit Your Subject Lines

Your subject line has an outsized impact on how your emails are received, or if they are even opened at all. So it makes sense to give a meticulous look at your subject lines and make sure they are achieving all that you want them to. 

Subject lines should be relatively short, informative, and pique curiosity all without coming off as too sensational or aggressively sales-focused. Audit your own subject lines and think less about what you think you need to tell prospects, but instead what kind of subject line would get you to open a promotional email. 

Deliver Value in Your Content 

Subscribers won’t continue to stay opted-in to your emails if all they think you are going to do is bombard them with sales messages. Certainly, there can be value in offering especially good deals on certain services, but for the most part, your email recipients are going to want to get some kind of extra value from your emails. Sending helpful articles, relevant financial tips, or news items that directly impact people will imbue your emails in value that will maintain the interest of your recipients.

Include a Call to Action

Financial Services is often all about making decisions: which business to use, how much to invest or take out, and what kind of services are even needed. Because recipients are already in a decision-making mode if they are receiving your emails, it is imperative that you include a helpful call-to-action in your emails. 

Providing your recipients with a call-to-action—even one as simple as checking out your website—can help focus and enhance your email messages. It gives your emails a point and has the benefit of keeping interested prospects engaged. The more engaged your prospects are, the more likely it is you will be able to build trust and create new long-term customers. 

When you are looking to form a substantial relationship with new leads and prospects, there is little doubt that email marketing can be an incredibly effective strategy. 

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