An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Las Vegas and MailCon

Published on: January 6, 2022

Last updated on: May 29, 2024

When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of it as a place for gamblers, tourists, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and just about anyone except a hard-working entrepreneur.

But that perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to a business-friendly environment and significant-tech infrastructure investments, it is clear that Vegas is in the midst of a successful transition from a city of sin to a city of startups.

In fact, a recent report revealed that Las Vegas is No. 5 on a list of metropolitan areas with the highest levels of startup activity. This is an added benefit for MailCon attendees, because it proves that not only is Las Vegas a global hub for business travel, it has also cultivated its own buzzing hive of entrepreneurial activity.

So how can entrepreneurs make the most of the Las Vegas tech and business scene?

Luckily, whether you are in town for a week for CES, a weekend, or permanently as a resident, there are a host of ways you can win big as an entrepreneur without having to step foot on a casino floor.

Here are some tips entrepreneurs should look into before heading to Las Vegas for MailCon’s first-ever standalone event, slated to take place from Jan. 11 to 13 at Caesars Palace.

Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs 

Las Vegas has flourished as a center for startup businesses because of the many kinds of resources available for go-getters.

One starting point for any entrepreneur in Vegas is to become familiar with some local businesses, which you can do with this list of Las Vegas startups. There are lists of startup companies and individual entrepreneurs, and you can peruse each list by category, so it’s easy to zero in on whatever you’re looking for.

Another great resource is Nevada’s Department of Business & Industry, which is conveniently located in downtown Las Vegas. The government agency has a step-by-step startup guide and a busy calendar of events that feature meetups and panels.

Where to Work

Finding a space to work that shuts out the neon and noise of The Strip might seem like a challenge, but it’s easier than you think. To start, you can always seek out one of the many coffee shops that offer a calm and caffeinated oasis for you to get some work done.

Sunrise Coffee is a neighborhood favorite, offering delectable coffee, various teas, and a curated menu of sandwiches and breakfast items. You can also visit any location from local coffee chain Sambalatte for exceptional java and a warm and inviting workspace.

For the more serious worker, Vegas is no stranger to co-working spaces. Work in Progress has a location on Sixth Street and offers everything from a $30 day pass to 24/7 access to the space for a monthly fee. Coworking giant WeWork also has two locations in Las Vegas, giving you multiple launch options for your next great endeavor.

Best Spots for a Business Meal on The Strip

Here are some spots on The Strip where you can focus on long-term growth without having a juggling performer interrupt your meal.

Las Vegas - Nevada

Jean Georges Steakhouse

Located in Aria, home of MailCon 2020, the opulent and dramatic Jean Georges Steakhouse has “executive” written all over it. Offering a mind-blowing selection of wines and Kobe A5 beef, this dinner-only spot is a must for anyone looking to make an impression.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

If you ever want to show your dining guest that you can rise above the fanfare in Vegas, there’s no better spot than the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Hotel. While at night, this location becomes a tourist and romantic hot spot – proposals are often a common sight. The elevated restaurant takes on a much more measured and sophisticated atmosphere for lunch. Where better to discuss your plans for world domination?

Buddy V’s Ristorante

For those looking for a lively and professional dining spot that also won’t bust your startup budget, head to Buddy V’s at the Palazzo’s Grand Canal Shoppes. The convivial atmosphere will make it easy for you to have a relaxed discussion, while the upscale menu and signature desserts will show your guest that you appreciate the opportunity to sit down.

Starbucks at the Aria 

It’s not a restaurant. It’s not even unique to Vegas. But this spacious Starbucks located on Aria’s second-floor promenade is the perfect spot to schedule a quick coffee chat. Whether you’re taking meetings during MailCon 2022 or just looking for a central location to connect on The Strip, this Starbucks is great when you want to get your favorite drink and to get down to business.

Best Spots for a Business Meal off The Strip

A surefire way to make an impression on a potential business partner is to show them something they haven’t seen before. When it comes to Las Vegas, that can be as simple as grabbing a bite off The Strip. But just because you’re stepping away from the glitz doesn’t mean you need to shortchange the “wow” factor.

Modero Boutique Wine Bar

If you want an impact meal that is out of the shadow of the big hotels, you can find exactly that at Modero Boutique Wine Bar. Offering a creative mingling of Spanish, Latin, and Japanese food and drinks, this contemporary hot spot offers a spacious bar and a cool kitchen-adjacent counter — perfect for catching up over a happy hour drink or diving into a lengthy dinner conversation.

Sparrow + Wolf

To get outside the Vegas vibe, bring your meeting to the creative digs of Sparrow + Wolf. This smartly appointed dining space offers cocktail creations with mulled wine syrup and succulent dishes like bone marrow dumplings. It’s an ideal locale to get wild without getting crazy.

Triple George Grill

Sometimes you want a meal at a classic restaurant with classic food and know that it will deliver on quality but keep your focus on matters at hand. For over a decade, the top power brokers in Vegas have been doing just that at the Triple George Grill in downtown.

Whether you’re in Las Vegas to attend MailCon, another meetup or conference, or you’re there long-term, remember that as a newly-emerging startup hub, Las Vegas is filled with growth and opportunity — waiting for someone to take that chance.

Want to learn more about MailCon 2022? Check out our event page here, and get your tickets here.

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