5 Exciting Tech Companies Making Waves in Email Marketing

Published on: December 3, 2019

Last updated on: May 3, 2022

Despite being around since the earliest days of internet usage, email marketing still remains at the forefront of technology both in terms of allowing the latest tech startups to grow and in the advanced tools that tech-savvy email marketing companies can provide.

Take for example the e-newsletter company Morning Brew, a business that was able to effectively use email marketing tools to reach a higher level of success. By working with the right email marketing partner, they were able to identify problems and optimize their workflow. In doing so, they saw their subscriber numbers grow and their unique open rate reach over 45%.

Want to see how email companies are changing the game with their innovation and tech? We’ve spotlighted five digital dynamos that are pushing boundaries of what businesses can accomplish with email marketing.

Five Exciting Companies Making Waves in Email Marketing

1. Sendspark

A media-minded startup out of San Antonio, Sendspark is looking to transform how businesses create content for their emails by making it easy to create video messages. The company seeks to combine the popularity of social media videos (evidenced in platforms like Instagram and TikTok) with the business value of email marketing.

Sendspark gives businesses the tools to create high-quality branded video messages that can be included in email marketing campaigns, plus plenty of tools to help measure the effectiveness of those videos. It’s certainly refreshing to see a strong video initiative in a medium that has largely depended solely on text.

2. Cordial

Based in sunny San Diego, Cordial is positioning itself as a “next-generation” email marketing solution. The founders have set out to create a new type of email solution architecture with data processing at its core. In doing so, they believe they have created an agile solution for businesses that respond immediately to real-time data.

Having just raised $15m in Series B funding, Cordial is aggressively positioning itself as a smarter email solution aimed at tech-savvy businesses.

3. Email Octopus

Originally founded in 2014, EmailOctopus out of London has leveraged its relationship with Amazon Web Services to create a user-friendly email marketing platform that uses Amazon Simple Email Service. Ideally suited for businesses that send out newsletters and have an Amazon Web Services account, Email Octopus has stood out thanks to exceptional analytics and data reporting at less of a cost than other email service providers.

4. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email marketing solution that seeks to put companies back in control of their campaigns and their data. Founded in Boston, Klaviyo is part of a trend of email solutions using advanced data processing to help drive more sales. By using data in creative ways, Klaviyo has seen businesses build stronger relationships with customers.

Klaviyo is in the midst of a meteoric rise—the startup claims over 20,000 clients rely on Klaviyo solutions to grow their business and the company received $150m in funding last year.

5. eSputnik

Targeting eCommerce professionals and other businesses, eSputnik is staking out a position for companies to manage their multi-channel marketing messaging campaigns.

While other email marketing solutions will focus their attention on one channel, eSputnik is looking to give businesses tools to assist them in email campaigns, SMS campaigns, web and mobile push notifications, and more. They also offer drag-and-drop templates, AI tools, and reporting analytics. 

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