4 Ways Push Marketing Can Turn up the Heat for Your Email Strategy

Michael Usner
Michael Usner

SVP of Messaging, Digital Media Solutions

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Published on: May 12, 2022

Last updated on: July 30, 2022

As the calendar turns to warmer months, consumers prepare to celebrate special occasions like Father’s Day, graduations, and summer holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day. The increase of in-person events and the rising level of comfort around group gatherings means that many consumers will be eager to spend more money and celebrate in Q3.

Competition to retain and convert audiences will be fierce. So, digital advertisers need to evaluate ways to turn up the heat with their email strategies to optimize results.

Though email remains a leading advertising platform, consumers have multiple additional avenues for interacting with brands, and as a result, digital advertisers have to construct comprehensive strategies to reach their target audiences in ways that will engage and motivate them to shop for all their summer essentials. An omnichannel marketing approach provides advertisers with enhanced opportunities to connect with their audience across multiple platforms to provide a seamless experience.

Push marketing has emerged as an impactful and innovative method for re-engaging consumers at different phases of the customer journey. When used in tandem with email marketing, advertisers can improve audience engagement, website traffic, customer loyalty, and overall conversions. The unique nuances of web push notifications empower brands to connect with their audiences in distinct ways, making them a perfect complement to an existing summer advertising plan. Here are four specific ways push marketing can level up any email strategy.

1. Deploy Web Push Notifications to Grow Your Email List

Brands should not allow their email lists to grow stale, which can occur if lists aren’t regularly expanded and refreshed. Push marketing campaigns specifically designed to encourage email signups can help expand an email list by reaching website visitors who opted in to receive web push notifications but have not provided an email address.

Due to the lower barrier to entry that web push notifications have, consumers may be more willing to opt-in because it only takes the click (or tap) of a single button and does not require providing contact information like an email address. Once website visitors have opted in, deploying the web push notifications encouraging email signups can help grow the email database.

Automated web push notifications can also re-engage a subscriber who begins filling out a form (such as an email signup form) but does not hit submit. Re-engage the subscriber with a web push notification to enhance your form completion rate and grow your email database.

2. Reinforce Email Brand Messaging with Push Campaigns

Businesses can leverage push marketing to reinforce crucial messaging and amplify existing email engagement and re-engagement efforts. Messaging consistency is critical for helping brands form lasting connections. Research from Omnisend also reveals that a multichannel marketing approach can increase revenue.

Their study found that marketers saw a 287% higher purchase rate when utilizing three or more channels to promote a single campaign compared to those only employing one channel. Push marketing, along with its unique advantages, can help digital advertisers boost the performance of email, social media, or SMS campaigns.

For a truly seamless experience across email and web push notifications, advertisers can also automate their push campaigns to send based on a subscriber’s email activity. For example, if a subscriber opens an email advertising a Memorial Day sale, a follow-up web push notification could automatically be sent with a CTA to shop the limited-time sale.

3. Enhance Email Marketing Objectives with Complimentary Web Push Notifications

Web push campaigns can help advertisers enhance specific marketing objectives of email campaigns, such as boosting revenue by retargeting consumers who abandon their shopping carts. Deploying complimentary web push notifications in addition to email campaigns can help advertisers drive additional revenue and reclaim lost sales.

With timely messages and added personalization (such as a consumer’s first name or a picture of the item they abandoned), multichannel campaigns can effectively encourage consumers to finish their purchase. Advertisers should vary the timing for email and push retargeting campaigns and always use consistent messaging with a clear call to action. Digital advertisers can improve their audience reach, engagement rate, and conversions by leveraging multiple platforms with a cohesive strategy.

4. Leverage Push Campaigns for Urgent, Timely Messages

The immediacy of web push notifications can help spark micro-moments as consumers realize they need something right away. This could be leveraged in advance of a specific holiday like Independence Day or to mark the beginning of the outdoor season (“Now is the time to get your outdoor furniture or grill!”). Web push notifications are highly effective for this style of content that requires immediate attention since they are delivered in real-time to subscribers’ desktop or mobile devices.

Deploying urgent or timely information via web push notifications can quickly increase website traffic and ensure that messages are seen at the right time and by the right audiences.

Digital advertisers already leveraging email should consider turning up the heat this summer by deploying thoughtful web push notifications designed to enhance and reinforce crucial brand messaging, boost marketing objectives like increasing conversions and help scale the email database itself. With a lower barrier to entry and messages that deliver immediately to a subscriber’s desktop or mobile device, push marketing is a smart addition to any omnichannel digital marketing strategy.

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About the author

Michael Usner
Michael Usner

SVP of Messaging, Digital Media Solutions

Michael Usner has spent more than 15 years dedicated to perfecting his craft of reaching highly profitable audiences across the digital performance advertising industry. Michael’s expertise stretches far and wide, spanning across digital, mobile, and email marketing, various forms of traffic acquisition, web development, lead delivery, and more. His love for implementing new online advertising strategies to help businesses engage their audiences is evident in his successful digital advertising career. Michael previously held the roles of Vice President of Business Intelligence for Aramis Interactive and Chief Executive Officer of PushPros — both acquired by Digital Media Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: DMS) in 2021. Transitioning into the role of Senior Vice President of Messaging for DMS, Michael oversees the performance and technical initiatives within the company’s direct messaging platforms. He effectively uncovers new messaging innovations with cross-channel solutions, increases communication efficiency with online properties and their audiences, and drives revenue and profit growth through strategic publisher and advertiser coordination. DMS received a spot on Inc. magazine’s inaugural Best Led Companies list in 2021, recognizing the impact of Michael alongside fellow DMS leaders.


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