3 MailCon Las Vegas Sessions To Attend for Insights on Deliverability

Published on: March 23, 2023

Last updated on: June 5, 2024

When it comes to deliverability, there’s always a new trick or strategy waiting to be implemented in any given email marketing program. And with MailCon Las Vegas 2023 right around the corner, we’ve noted that in our carefully-curated lineup of sessions and panels around the topic.

Here are three deliverability sessions you should attend while at MailCon.

1. Deliverability: Past, Present, and Future

Moderator: Adrian Williams, Founder of Email Angels


Toni Bounds, Founder of Breaking Bounds Digital

Trey Bennett, Email & SMS Deliverability Consultant of Sender Science

Scott Shou, Analyst, Datalithic Consulting

Location: Alliance Ballroom, 312

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 18, 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM

Adrian Williams leads this deliverability panel featuring experienced and veteran email marketers Scott Shou, Trey Bennett, and Toni Bounds. The panel will discuss the past and current state of the industry, including key challenges and trends, as well as look ahead to the future and what lies in store for deliverability. Through a combination of expert insights, never-before-heard stories, and case studies, attendees will gain insight into the future of email deliverability with reflections from the past.

2. Email Deliverability — Results of Love & Respect

Speaker: Radek Kaczynski, CEO of Bouncer

Location: Alliance Ballroom, 311

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 18, 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Email deliverability is a very complex matter and depends on many factors. For the past several years, while studying and experimenting in the field, Radek tried building a model to help email senders improve their email deliverability and keep it on high levels. Weak deliverability equals weak campaigns, which results in poor business impact. On the other hand, good deliverability can be considered a result of love and respect: Love and respect we express towards our own and others’ resources, time, energy, and focus — and love and respect we prove in our behaviors and infrastructure set-up.

In the session, you’ll discover the following:

  • Bouncer’s deliverability model and its different factors
  • How each factor of deliverability is Inter-connected
  • How to improve deliverability by adopting this model

3. 5 Steps to Land More Emails in the Inbox

Speaker: Brian Minick, Chief Operating Officer at ZeroBounce

Location: Alliance Ballroom, 311

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 19, 1:45 PM to 2:15 PM

Hitting “send” on an email doesn’t guarantee it will land in the inbox. In fact, about 16% of all emails go to the spam folder, and more than 30 billion bounce daily. Poor email deliverability prevents companies from communicating with their customers – and can put a damper on ROI. In this session, ZeroBounce COO Brian Minick will discuss what causes email deliverability issues and share five steps email marketers can take to boost their inbox reach.

What the session will cover:

  • Effective email marketing starts with a fresh, healthy email list. On average, 25% of an email list degrades within just one year. Validating your data is key to your sender’s reputation and email deliverability.
  • Invalid email addresses aren’t the only ones affecting your deliverability. There are other types of risky emails that could be lurking in your list – spam traps, catch-all emails, and bot-created emails can also cause your campaigns to go to spam.
  • Segmenting your database can have a tremendous impact on your inbox reach. Use available data to segment specific audiences and target them with highly-relevant campaigns. Good email engagement boosts your sender’s reputation and deliverability.

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