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What You Need to Know to Navigate TCPA Compliance When Voice and SMS are Added Into the Contact Mix

A multi-channel communications strategy creates a likelihood that your messaging is touching a contact’s phone. As the mobile phone has become the dominant communication vehicle, it is imperative to examine how the TCPA and along with state regulatory compliance may affect and impact your process. What do I need to know about TCPA compliance and the rules associated with communicating with prospects and customers? What are the best practices, potential litigation traps, and how do I minimize risk?

Contact Center Compliance Panel:

Neil Kent Compliance Director, Contact Center Compliance
Michael Cordova Corporate Counsel, Zero Parallel
Jay Ramsey Associate, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Michael Cordova

Michael Cordova serves as Zero Parallel’s Corporate Counsel. Michael has more than a dozen years of diverse legal experience with a focus on commercial transactions, IP, data privacy and regulatory issues, and M&A in the financial services and software-technology markets. Prior to joining Zero Parallel, he served as senior counsel at the leading international Credit Reporting Agency. Formerly, Michael served as special counsel for a national law firm for private equity-backed businesses.

Jay Ramsey

Jay is a litigator in Sheppard Mullin’s Los Angeles office. He protects consumer brands, lead generators, and others in TCPA class actions. He also advises clients on TCPA best practices, taking into account their business needs. And Jay has litigated cases challenging the gamut of marketing practices, including email campaigns.

Neal Kent

Neal Kent, Compliance Dir. for, helps clients navigate the complexities of marketing regulation.


Email Marketing Work Flow: A Guide to Setting up Your Email Marketing Operation

Have you wondered what it takes to launch a successful email operation? Join four industry veterans in an open panel discussion that demystifies the process and covers topics like database management, IP management, email hygiene, and deployment. The panel will guide you through the latest best practices with references to their experience and offer answers to questions in an open forum. We encourage you all to come out and participate in this very interactive session.

Email Oversight Panel with eMercury, LunaSolMedia, and PubConcierge:

Bryan Jenkins Director of Sales, EmailOversight
Michael Batalha CEO, eMercury
Danay Escanaverino CEO, LunaSolMedia
Steven Goodwill Business Development Director, PubConcierge

Michael Batalha, CEO of eMercury

Michael Batalha helps startups and businesses with making their sites work for them like a sales machine, from building your story to collecting leads to nurturing those leads into customers. He has successfully created numerous startups and sat on the board of the Entrepreneur Organization. His passion is working with entrepreneurs and building businesses. He has graced the pages of Forbes and won Entrepreneur of the year award at the Empact Summit at the United Nations.

Bryan Jenkins, Director of EmailOversight

Bryan Jenkins is the Director of Sales at EmailOversight, an industry leader in Email Validation, Hygiene, and Appends. A 16 year veteran of the email marketing industry, Bryan brings his knowledge and experience in data cleaning, hygiene, and verification to assist some of the largest email marketing companies, email service providers, and data providers in the online space.

Danay Escanaverino, CEO of LunaSolMedia

Danay Escanaverino is CEO of LunaSol Media, a digital agency connecting clients to the Hispanic/Latino market and co-founder of Lead Management Platform, LeadMundo. A seventeen-year veteran of online marketing, Danay has worked with brands like Hallmark, QuickBooks, T-Mobile and Ford.

Steven Goodwill, Business Development Director of PubConcierge

Steven is a passionate networker interested in digital marketing. His passion for technology brought him closer to pubConcierge 4 years ago and since then he has interacted with hundreds of performance marketers helping them achieve their email targets.


Responsible Outbound Marketing in 2019 | The Right Way to Run Outbound Marketing: An ESP’s Perspective

Outbound marketing can help you reach 60-70% of your target market, but it’s important to understand how to avoid spam filters and ensure your email outreach gets delivered to the inbox. Learn how leading email delivery service Mailgun runs outbound campaigns responsibly to win business. You have to understand the prospect’s concerns, responsibilities, and pains in relation to your products and then find the most effective way to communicate that to your target accounts. In this session, we’ll cover how to apply inbound marketing methods to outbound marketing for a more consultative sales strategy that converts.

Mailgun Panel Speakers:

Nick Schafer Deliverability Engineer
Erik Nilsen Strategic Partnership Account Executive III
Gloria Leyva Outbound Sales Development Lead

Gloria Leyva, Outbound Sales Development Lead

Gloria is the head of Outbound Sales Development for Mailgun. Her focus is to help potential new customers to align their email goals with Mailgun to provide the best solution for deliverability.

Nick Schafer, Deliverability Engineer

Nick is a Deliverability Engineer at Mailgun, where he is the go-to for all things deliverability. He’s passionate about teaching large and small business alike how to do the right thing when it comes to not only sending email, but also building and growing a healthy and engaged list.

Erik Nilsen, Strategic Partnership Account Executive III

Erik is the head of the strategic partnerships team at Mailgun. His focus is to help Mailgun customers align with the right solutions in the market to get the best engagement with their customers and to ensure the maximum ROI.


Email for the Future

More than 270 billion emails are sent each day. Gmail recently added support for dynamic content within email by using the fast and secure AMP framework, enabling emails to provide more engaging, interactive and actionable user experiences. With AMP for email, users can take actions directly in emails and emails can be kept up-to-date and never get stale throughout the day. Join Ben, a Developer Advocate from Gmail to learn how you can engage your audiences in a new way.

Speaker Bio:

Ben is a Developer Advocate at Google, where he’s working to help the Web be faster and more beautiful. Prior to Google, he worked at the New York Times and AOL, and before that he was a full-time musician. He earned a BA in Computer Science at Harvard and a PhD in Music at the University of California. Rumor is that he still runs a band called Ancient Babies.


Ben Morss Developer Advocate, Google


A Deeper Look at the Consumer Experience

A great deal of time and effort is spent trying to maximize email inboxing by dissecting statistics and reviewing limited data sets. Often far too little emphasis is placed on the actual consumer experience. We will look at what defines the consumer experience, how to measure the components, and how they relate to delivery. Consumers will increasingly have transparency and control over their data. It is critical that their expectations are considered as they become more discerning in sharing their information and permitting marketing.

Speaker Bio:

Peter bringing more than two decades of experience as an executive, board member, shareholder, and advisor to technology and service businesses. LashBack is a provider of digital marketing insights to consumers and advertisers, including consumer experience data, compliance monitoring, brand protection, and competitive intelligence. Peter previously served as President and CEO of a marketing technology and data business and as Managing Director and U.S. Head of Technology, Software and Services investment banking for KPMG Corporate Finance.


Peter Wilson CEO, Lashback


How to Build Huge Email Lists Quickly and With No Ad Costs

The hardest parts of email marketing are list building with quality data and inbox delivery. I am going to show you how to collect HUGE, Targeted email lists very quickly. Using your own data has many benefits including better reputation, targeting knowledge and monetization options. We will discuss how to implement fast-growth strategies while eliminating ad cost and reputation risks. These skills will help you expand your ROAS and profits.

Speaker Bio:

Dave “BlueHair” Giovacchini is the CEO and Founder of Roxs Marketing and The BHD Plan Digital Marketing Courses. With over 11 years in the affiliate marketing space, he still relies on email as his main revenue engine. Winner of the 2 Comma Club Award from Clickfunnels in 2018 Roxs Marketing has added other traffic sources to the companies arsenal such as Facebook, Adwords, and Native advertising.


Dave “BlueHair” Giovacchini CEO, Roxs Marketing


Email Marketing: A Prescription for Success

Email marketing remains the single most effective strategy for communicating and selling. Getting into the inbox and having your email opened have a dramatic impact on marketing campaigns. Employing automation, solid best practices and bottom-line focused email marketing techniques are the surest prescriptions for success.
• Learn how to ensure your emails are delivered to the inbox rather than spam
• Find out why automation is your hidden superpower and how to use it effectively
• How to keep your audience engaged with your email marketing campaigns for optimal results

Speaker Bio:

Hank is an author, speaker, podcast host and Strategic Insights Manager at iContact. He lives in the Raleigh area and has been helping marketers succeed for more than 20 years. He loves technology and traveling. Hank has the same amount of Apple devices as countries he has traveled to, 20.


Hank Hoffmeier Strategic Insights Manager, iContact


Segmentation Strategies and Email Marketing Personalization Technologies

During this session, we will explore the topic of segmentation and personalization to improve email marketing efficiency, deliverability, and results. Key topics include audience segmentation and mailing strategies, as well as dynamic content technologies that offer marketers streamlined and powerful content personalization.

Speaker Bio:

Ilana Foyer is Head of Customer Success at Ongage. Ilana specializes in training and consulting existing and on-boarding clients to utilize the Ongage marketing tool. With experience with both small businesses to enterprise-sized organizations, across verticals, Ilana has an inside look at the challenges that marketers face, overcome, and insights on best practices. Ilana holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney.


Ilana Foyer Head of Customer Success, Ongage


How to Get Recurring CPM Budgets by Obtaining Safe, Active, Targeted Data

Your list is worth more than you know! Attract advertisers that are willing to spend to acquire new users. Overcome the hurdle of getting past the CPM “test” phase. Learn the tools necessary to secure branded budgets, taking your business and list values to new highs. In this continued CPM series, Kimberlee will explain how mailers can get safe, active and targeted data on a continual basis to help stay in the CPM mix! Learn to speak the brand’s language and get better results in industries such as Home Services, Credit Cards, Subscriptions, and GigEconomy!

Speaker Bio:

Kimberlee has expansive experience in affiliate marketing. She had her affiliate beginnings heading up the sales team at Hydra and soon after cofounding AKMG, a leading affiliate network in 2007, which was sold to Neverblue (2011). After the sale of AKMG, and a desire to master a new vertical, she co-founded Rollmob, a programmatic video advertising network, which she recently exited. Kimberlee now heads the CPM division at W4, bringing top brands to email publishers with competitive pricing.


Kimberlee White Vice President of Brand Partnerships, W4


Multi-Armed Bandit Email AB Testing Alternative

An alternative to AB testing that is appropriate for much larger scale testing, and aimed at optimizing testing opportunity cost. In this session, we will explore an alternative to AB testing that is appropriate for larger-scale testing. This approach is aimed at optimizing testing opportunity in relation to cost.

Speaker Bio:

Scott is a veteran entrepreneur having led, developed, and diluted a number of startups in Data Analytics, Enterprise Data Security, CRM, and various other fun and games. Scott is the Vice President of Strategy at What If Media Group, and thinks about deliverability most hours of the day.


Scott Shou Vice President of Strategy, What If Media Group


Excel in Deliverability Through AI

The final goal of email marketing campaigns is converting email subscribers into loyal customers. The success is measured by factors -be in Inbox, receive maximum clicks from the campaigns. How to spend less time thinking about deliverability and trust in solutions, why it works for all -it’s the concept of iAge Technologies, Inc. annually research.

Speakers Bio:

Artem Kukharenko and Tatyana Murzova chose digital technologies as their career path. Together with the team of iAge Technologies, Inc, they have integrated the philosophy of customer relationship and the expertise accumulated in the course of decade-long project work to create a technology solution that relies on AI strategies to organize customer communications in the 1:1 way.


Artem Kukharenko CEO, iAge Technologies
Tatyana Murzova Vice President, iAge Technologies


How to Have Balanced Email Campaigns

Email changes all the time, every day brings new and recurring challenges. In this session, we will discuss how to think outside of the inbox and around the corners. Learn about road mapping your email to success by keeping complaint levels down. Topics include IP and Domain reputation, list bombing, proper warm up, reputation monitoring, and building a reputation by leveraging user experience. Additionally, discussing time warping, how emails are moved from the inbox to the junk folder.

Speaker Bio:

Keith Kouzmanoff is one of today’s top 25 most influential email marketers. His background encompasses 17+ years of experience in email marketing with project management precision and responsibility. One of the first DMA Email Experience Council members. He contributed to multiple deliverability case studies and email authentication guidelines. Extensive knowledge of online marketing solutions and digital marketer.


Keith Kouzmanoff CEO, inter7


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