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MailCon Virtual Experience 2021

MailCon's first-ever virtual fully conference kicked off with over 45 speakers from brand giants like Google, Adobe, Salesforce, and Calm, among many others. With sessions covering various email and SMS marketing topics to new product feature announcements, attendees walked away with valuable insight and new connections.

This event covered featured 1-to-1 Ai-powered networking, interactive games, and a virtual wine tasting hosted live from Napa Valley, California. And to add a bit of that Las Vegas flare, the most engaged attendees and Email Trivia winners walked away with up to $1,000 in prizes each.

Las Vegas 2020

MailCon Las Vegas 2020 proved to be the largest and most ambitious edition of the email marketing conference yet—and by all accounts, it met and exceeded all those expectations.

This event covered more topics, offered more sessions, and brought in the most attendees the conference has ever seen at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. MailCon is evolving into an even greater resource to the conference’s assortment of experts, entrepreneurs, and email marketing professionals, by featuring 60 Exhibitors and Sponsors and the most diversified selection of panels and sessions.

New York 2019

Attendees to MailCon 2019 in New York were experienced a dynamic whirlwind on August 10th at the Intercontinental Times Square. Those who made it to the heart of Manhattan were treated to an engaging lineup of speakers and took to the expo floor to forge new connections and discover the latest email tech. The conference was abuzz with talk of the exciting new offerings in the exhibitor space and reflected a spirit of growth and renewal for MailCon.

Speakers from a wide array of marketing companies and email solution providers offered their take on new strategies, design, workflow, compliance, and more.

Las Vegas 2019

2019 kicked off with a bang at MailCon in Las Vegas, which brought together a diverse array of email marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, tech experts, and affiliate managers at Caesars Palace on January 6th.

Exhibitors were given the opportunity to showcase their products and services to throngs of attendees. Speakers and panels offered fascinating insights and thought-provoking discussions about the best practices and new technology opportunities. The evening, of course, was a flurry of networking with a cocktail hour at the conference and a special after-party where attendees could swap stories in a fun social space.

New York 2018

While the summer heat gripped the city of New York, this year’s MailCon attendees stayed cool inside while still keeping up a high level of energy. Held at the Westin Times Square on July 28th, MailCon New York 2018 delivered everything one would expect from the industry’s premiere email marketing conference: business growth opportunities, educational speaking sessions, and the latest news and insight from this one-of-a-kind gathering.

The many who made it in for the MailCon speaking sessions were not disappointed. Innovators and experts covered evergreen issues like crafting the ideal promotional email and growing a monster email list. New frontiers were broached as well, as speakers discussed the very latest tools and platforms that were available, while others unwrapped some of the mystery of Gmail deliverability.

It was an enthusiastically well-supported event, especially thanks to top sponsors iballers, Phonexa, W4, and Zero Parallel. All attendees took full advantage of the vast networking opportunities, both in the expo hall throughout the day and that evening for the official MailCon after party at the Copacabana in Times Square.

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Las Vegas 2018

Digital marketing directors, entrepreneurs, email marketing experts, CEOs, and professionals of every stripe flocked to Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas strip on January 6th to participate in this year’s MailCon Las Vegas.

The eclectic crowd filled the halls of Caesars Palace to explore the latest email innovations and take steps to bolster their rolodex. But just as the networking scene was busy, many took full advantage of the robust lineup of speakers that covered topics on the minds of those in attendance. Speakers did not shy away from getting technical, Many got into the weeds on subjects like data management, testing optimization, and segment targeting. There were plenty of broadly focused talks too: experts discussed new email techniques and some of the progress and opportunities in the field. And, of course, a long day turned into a loose and more relaxed evening as many took advantage of the happy hour and the many other nightlife entertainment options that Las Vegas provide.

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New York 2017

New York MailCon 2017 took place on July 29th at the Westin New York, located right in Manhattan’s teeming center, Times Square. Attendees eagerly plugged into the engaging lineup of speakers and filled the expo floor in hopes of learning about new technologies and making valuable networking connections.

Keynote speaker Larry Bailin, a digital marketing expert whose experience goes back over 20 years, captivated audiences with his insights of what email marketers can learn from their past, present, and future. Everyone who listened in on Larry’s teachings benefited from the “big picture” view of the industry. The remaining speaker and workshop lineup tackled a diverse range of issues such as compliance, questions of deliverability, and a look at new laws and regulations. The spirit of exchanging ideas (and business cards) lasted well into the night as professionals packed in the Copacabana for the official MailCon after party.

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