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Speak at MailCon

Share your passion and expertise with our attendees.

What is MailCon?

MailCon is a niche event uniting marketing professionals, agencies, and leading brands with the latest and most advanced technology, trends, and strategies in email marketing, marketing automation, lead generation, mobile and omnichannel marketing.

Our attendees represent a global audience of those reimagining the future of marketing — from various industries such as insurance, financial services, healthcare, travel, eCommerce and consumer goods, legal services, automotive, and many more.

Each MailCon event is specifically engineered to help you expand your knowledge while connecting and establishing relationships with a targeted audience.

Why Speak at MailCon?

By speaking at MailCon, you will be able to include your voice in an impressive roster of experts, innovators, industry influencers, and business leaders.

MailCon is a great platform to share your message and deliver strategies and ideas that our attendees need to grow their businesses. Our engaged audience is passionate about educating themselves with knowledge from marketing experts like you.

MailCon is an open forum for the discussion of trends and innovation in email marketing and related industries. We are accepting applications for in-person speaking opportunities at MailCon Las Vegas 2022. There are workshop, panel, fireside chat, and solo speaking slots available.

If you are interested in speaking, please submit the following information with your application:

Please note, to preserve the educational integrity of this event, we require that speakers do not advocate for any specific products or brand names in their presentations. The MailCon stage will not be used for the explicit promotion of a speaker's product, service, or company.

Speaking FAQs

When will I know if my application has been approved?

You can expect to hear from us regarding your submission within 48 hours; whether you were accepted or not. We will review your application and provide details about our upcoming opportunities when we reach out you.

Are there virtual opportunities available?

Yes, we are always accepting speaking applications for our monthly webinar series. Please feel free to submit an application using the above form. Please note, all speaking opportunities at MailCon Las Vegas 2022 are in-person only.

Please contact the MailCon Team if you have additional questions or concerns.

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