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Las Vegas 2022 Speakers

Featured Speakers Udeme is an email industry veteran with almost 2 decades of thought leadership in engineering-based postmaster & policy liaison roles. As a Postmaster and Senior Systems Software Engineer at LinkedIn, he advocates for the best LinkedIn member experience with high-level compliance of email industry best practices & tech standards in policy, deliverability, authentication, and more. In 2019 he collaboratively implemented the emergent “Brand Indicators for Message Identification" (BIMI) pilot tech spec - which enables the use of a brand-controlled “trusted” logo. A few years before, he co-authored the “Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide,” a 70-country look-up matrix. Udeme holds active volunteer leadership roles at M3AAWG and the ANA EEC. He also regularly presents and writes about email best practices. Spanning an email career of over 15 years, Adrian has worked with many notable brands, including Adobe, TaxAct, CouchSurfing, MindGeek, Microsoft, ScholarshipOwl, and Hallmark. Throughout his experiences, Adrian recognized one of the most severe killers of an email program's success was a decline in Sender Reputation. In 2018, Adrian founded Email Angels to focus solely on email deliverability. As a lifetime entrepreneur and Founder of Stripo, Dmitry Kudrenko has 10+ years of experience in email marketing, accompanied by 20+ years in software development. He utilizes his business background to create efficient marketing strategies that are quickly implemented. He loves lean principles and adopting them into email marketing and marketing automation. After self-led study in coding and digital marketing, with a foundation of formal education in social science and business, Kisha Robinson made a career switch from call centers to the tech industry. Kisha is a lifelong learner, passionate about sharing knowledge and the positive impact technology can have on the world. Kisha’s experience spans freelancing, agency work as well as enterprise-level email marketing and development. Presently, Kisha is combining her passions for technology and learning as a Senior Email Marketing Associate at Udemy where the mission is to improve lives through learning. As a 15-year, award-winning email marketing and marketing automation veteran, Jenny has worked on thousands of emails and is certified by the industry’s top automation platforms. Her keen ability to both strategize and execute on the email experience through marketing automation has resulted in outstanding ROI for clients. Currently, Jenny leads a team of Marketing Automation All-Stars at a full-service agency, Laughlin Constable. Randy Rayess is the co-founder of He is passionate about demand generation, content marketing, and personalized marketing. Interactive content designed by him has been featured on ProductHunt, FlipBoard, TrendHunter, and Digimarcon. In 2020 he was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 for Marketing and Advertising. Lisa S. Jones is the CEO, Founder, and Technology Officer of EyeMail Inc. She manages a diverse amazing global team and is the owner of multi-patent pending technologies in the digital communications and video-in-email space. In addition, Lisa is a well-known motivational, inspirational, and practical speaker with key takeaways. To date, she has enjoyed speaking at many in-person and virtual events, both domestically and internationally. She is the recipient of multiple awards and has recently been recognized as Thinker360's Top 10 Thoughleaders in Marketing & Entrepreneurship and IndustryWired's 10 Most Influential Women Leaders in 2021. Alexey Danchenko is the Co-Founder of the eSputnik marketing automation service and the email editor, Stripo. Alexey is responsible for developing and implementing a marketing strategy and selling the eSputnik platform on the international market.

Alexey is an expert in eCommerce and SaaS development with more than 10 years of experience. He is also an author and leader of training on management, business process optimization, marketing, and strategy. Alexey holds an MBA, CIMA, and Meclabs certificate.

As a speaker, Alexey takes an active part in many specialized conferences on email marketing, online and multi-channel retail, digital marketing, and online business marketing, such as OptIn by Sparkpost 2019, PowerMTA, eCommerce, Google Startup Grind, EmailConf.

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